Duke Nukem Forever Demo 'First Access' Included In Borderlands GOTY Re-release

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Want to get your hands on the Duke Nukem Forever demo before anyone else? Then you might want to buy the Borderlands Game of the Year edition, your key to the "Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club." What's that about?


2K Games says today that Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club grants members access to "exclusive items, including early access to the [DNF] playable demo before it is publicly released­." The upcoming Borderlands collection comes complete with a redeemable voucher, a unique key offering a "wealth of goodies," including the Duke Nukem Forever demo.

The Game of the Year version of Borderlands hits October 12 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $59.99 USD, and for PC for $49.99 USD. The Duke Nukem Forever demo? No idea. The only release window we have is "prior to the retail launch of the game," currently scheduled for "calendar 2011."

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Is Duke Nukem really worth the hype its getting? I'll be honest, I don't "think" I play any other other games, but it just looks like a the usual shooter to me.

Anyone care to elaborate? (Not trying to flame, just curious)