Dude, Your Wife Wants You To Go To Bed!

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Recently a forum post showed up on one of China's most famous World of WarCraft forums and has been making the rounds online. A young female WoW player posted a rant about how she hates her husband's WoW addiction. Not only did she post about how angry his addiction made her, she also asked gamers to help her "fix" her husband.


The original post, which was posted under the name "Queen", went this way: "After my husband changed jobs, he met a group of World of Warcraft players. Everyday he would come home, turn on the computer, eat, go on the toilet, and then spend hours playing WoW. He would play with his friends and colleagues, and then they would sign off, but he would continue to play.

"When I ask him to go to sleep, he wouldn't, saying he's having too much fun. He said he made his character name "The 18 Panda Men" so that when he kills another player the system would read 'You've been killed by the 18 Panda Men."

"I write this post to declare my hatred for World of Warcraft and I beseech any players who run into my husband to tell him, 'Your Wife Tells You To GO TO BED!'"

After the forum post reached critical mass, the husband eventually found out. Seeing that her post was going too far, she asked the forum moderator to remove the post. According to sources found by the Chinese media, her husband isn't angry.

So, I guess the moral of the story is, if you want any attention from a game "addicted" husband, the best bet is to go on a forum and ask complete strangers to embarrass him.

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And when I read that article title I immediately thought "Dude! Your husband wants you to go to bed!" I don't know how my wife does it, paying to play the same game she's been subscribed to since 2005. Then she laughs and tells me to be quiet.