GIF source: Unsorted Gaming.

Halo 5 will probably never be anybody‚Äôs favorite Halo, but it might end up somebody‚Äôs favorite Zelda, Mario Kart, or (now) Duck Hunt‚ÄĒbecause nobody ever said the world needed to make sense.

This map is actually more than a simple remake, though. ‚ÄúDuck Hunt,‚ÄĚ as created by Halo 5 Forge user Spartan Blood 1 and demonstrated by Unsorted Gaming, is a clever game type where one player shoots and everybody else uses energy swords to try and dart out of harm‚Äôs way. Observe:

It’s like jumping on a trampoline while somebody throws rocks at your head! I know this because my childhood friends and I were very dumb, and we should not have been allowed outside.

You can download the map here and the game mode here.