Dubai Seizes Over 48,000 Knock-Off PlayStation Games

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In Dubai, customs officials successfully blocked an attempt to smuggle over 48,000 counterfeit PlayStation games into the country. The value of the seized phony goods? Over US$1.3 million.


Emirates News Agency WAM reports that Officials located the games in "cartoon boxes" and that the shipment originated from an Arab port. As website GamePolitics points out, the name of that port has not been disclosed. What's more, the original report does not specify if the seized games were PS3, PS2 or PSP titles.

May El Husseiny of Sony Gulf's PlayStation division applauded the seizure, as the pirated games could have impacted sales.


The number of smuggling attempts into Dubai has decreased this year compared to last. According to WAM, this is due to the ability of Dubai Customs to "foil" smuggling attempts.

WAM | Emirates News Agency [WAM via GamePolitics] [Pic]

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why not just burn the disks when you get into the country?

Anyways, good they caught them. Somebody should go steal their identities so they know how it feels.