DualShock 4 Controllers can be had for $40 right now. No tax in most states. Free shipping. That's pretty much the lowest we've seen either of the new controllers go for, and with Diablo III out now, it's a good time to stock up. [DualShock 4]

The White and Urban Camo DualShock 4s are also up for preorder.

Still need a Playstation 4? Grab one today with inFamous: Second Son and 3 months of Playstation plus thrown in for free. Even valuing Second Son at $40 instead of full price, that's the best PS4 deal we've seen.


We recently wrote about some interesting new solutions to charge all your new controllers , so check that out if you missed it.


We also covered a battery pack that will double your DualShock 4's battery life .

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