DSi Won't Replace The DS Lite (At Least Not In The US)

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The DS Lite was a replacement for the DS. Came in, took over the place, you never saw the DS Phat again. So will the DSi do the same thing to the DS Lite? Not in the US, says Nintendo Smile Machine Cammie Dunaway:

Right now we’re still working through what the strategy's going to be here. But we think that there's huge untapped potential for the DS Lite. Because when you’ve got only one in every five households in the U.S., compared to one in every two in Japan, it says there's potential. You’ve seen some of the work we’ve done this year with celebrities, that we're bringing a lot of new consumers in to the DS. So I think there’s opportunity for both of them to coexist for some period of time.


You know, I still have nothing but a DS Phat. And when I see statements like this, I feel like the world's just passing me by... Q&A: Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway Talks DSi, Club Nintendo [Wired]


Platypus Man

I'm with you, Luke. I still have my original DS and I still haven't really seen a reason to replace it.