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DSi Won't Launch In US Before March

Illustration for article titled DSi Wont Launch In US Before March

2009 approaches, yet still, no official word from Nintendo of America on when the DSi will be released in the US. Until that official date comes, then, we have to make do with official timeframes.


Previously, we've had two conflicting statements. NoA boss Reggie Fils-Aime first said in October that the handheld wouldn't be out until the end of 2009, so as to allow current stocks of the DS Lite to sell through.


A few weeks later, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata told Reuters "an autumn or year-end launch [in the US] would probably be too late". Having come later and from the top man himself, we're taking the latter as the more definitive statement.

Now, we've got IGN's end-of-year review for the DS, in which they first said Nintendo of America had confirmed a March 2009 launch, before later correcting the story to state NoA "will wait until at least March of 2009 before giving the system the US push it deserves".

So, those feeling the need to upgrade their DS hardware, you'll get your shot sometime between March and August.


Nintendo DS Year in Review 2008 [IGN]

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I hope for April for the launch So I can get one for my wife for her b-day (we sold our ds when we had car trouble out of state and needed some cash to fix it) So I promised her I would buy her a DSI when it came out.