DSi To Hit Europe In Spring 2009

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During the Nintendo Fall Press Conference earlier today, all company president Satoru Iwata could offer on the state of the DSi's global rollout was that it'd leave Japan "sometime" in 2009. Fortunately, Nintendo of Europe are a little more forthcoming, telling GI.biz that they're aiming to have the handheld ready to launch in Spring 2009. Note they say "aiming", which in conjunction with it being NoE is far from confirmation of a concrete release, but a target date's better than no date at all. DSi to launch in Europe spring 2009 [GI.biz]



Lot's of stuff about the new handheld sweet. :D But I have a few concerns and a prediction: To play the DSi with your friends over Nintendo WiFi you will (probably) need a friend code for the DS, a friend code for the game and a third friend code for using pictures with your friends.

Shortly after the DSi is released they will run out of friend codes and introduce 30 digit friend codes. All DSi owners go berserk. Then shortly after that the Nintendo WiFi service goes down because there is no longer anyone using it.

Then shortly after that Nintendo comes to their senses and comes up with a friend code free WiFi service. Nintendo will continue to protect children everywhere by introducing the pedometer 2.0 which will have the added feature of detecting pedophiles just like what everyone thought it was for at first.