DSi, PSP Top Pre-Christmas Japanese Sales

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Sales of the Nintendo DSi continued to climb in Japan during the week of December 15th to the 21st. The digital camera equipped DS hardware update fended off a surge in PSP sales.


With the release of Dissidia: Final Fantasy and the subsequent stellar sales, the PSP racked up an impressive 145,000 sales in one week, doubling it's sell through week-to-week. But it wasn't enough to catch the DSi with over 200,000 units sold.

Sales were up across the board, with the Wii and PlayStation 3 seeing healthy weekly sales boosts, the latter likely due to the latest Mobile Suit Gundam meets Dynasty Warriors fangasm, Gundam Musou 2.

Even the now antiquated DS Lite got a nice sales jolt. Look!

• Nintendo DSi - 204,144
• PSP - 145,957
• Wii - 131,054
• Nintendo DS Lite - 50,308
• PlayStation 3 - 39,136
• Xbox 360 - 12,914
• PlayStation 2 - 8,662



Who cares about Japan or these statistics. All the matters is total number worldwide. XBOX dominates PS3 and the Wii a truly remarkable fad that is still winning. Here is a good question name 3 games that are worth a sh*T on Wii? and NO MORE HEROES can't be one of them. Nintendo thought it would be great to make a game console that is not even as powerful as the original XBOX and yet people buy it so they can swing a remote. HAHAHA. What a joke....I for one am for pushing the limits on technology and the Wii is such a step back. I fear that the game industry will see that they can put out crappy games and make money therefore will continue with not pushing limits.