DSi LL Goes On Sale In Japan

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Over the weekend, Nintendo's jumbo-sized DSi, the DSi LL, was released in Japan. With "LL" meaning "extra large" in Japanese sizes, the DSi LL launch begs the question: Were the lines LL?


By the time the Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara opened, the line was approximately a hundred strong. At the Bic Camera in Tokyo's Ikebukuro, the line was over 60 people long when the store opened for business.

As Famitsu.com notes, there was a high number of customers in their 20s and 30s. There were also business women, couples, parents and their kids and this old lady.

Hi old lady!

The DSi LL is bundled with two touch pens: one shorter and one longer touch pen (129.3mm), and comes will three DSiWare titles pre-installed: Two brain training games (one for humanities, the other for sciences) and DS Easy Dictionary. Releasing in three colors, the DSi LL is available in Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White.

ニンテンドーDSi LL発売日リポート! LLサイズの行列が!? [Famitsu]


Char Aznable

Honestly, this model has more appeal to me because I have big hands and hate tiny screens, but... the buttons are still close together, so... what's the point?