DSi Accessories Inbound

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With the launch of Nintendo's DSi in North America imminent it's only natural that we would start hearing about new accessories for the portable.


BDA today announced a whole line up of Power A DSi doodads and whatnots. But sadly no unmentionables.

The collection includes, in BDA's own words:

Folio Starter Kit
This kit provides everything a gamer needs to get started with their Nintendo DSi, including a faux leather mini folio carry case, car adapter, earbuds, three styli, two screen protectors and two tri-fold game cases.

Clean & Protect Kit
The Clean & Protect Kit will keep the Nintendo DSi in mint condition and comes with one Game Tagger case, three styli, two screen protectors and one cleaning cloth.

Sleeve Kit
The Nintendo DSi is slightly thinner than the Nintendo DS™ Lite, and POWER A's Sleeve Kit provides sleek and slim protection. The kit includes a sleeve, one tri-fold game case, two styli and two screen protectors. The game case can hold up to four games.

Voyager Case
In addition to protecting the Nintendo DSi, POWER A also recognizes the consumer's desire to express their individuality. The Voyager case is a perfect example of fashion meeting function – the faux leather case holds the Nintendo DSi and up to three games.

Stylus 3 Pack
Having a few extra styli on hand is an absolute necessity. POWER A Stylus 3 Packs come in a rainbow of colors.


System Wallet
POWER A's System Wallet is a stylish way for gamers to protect the Nintendo DSi from any unforeseen mishaps – the case also holds three game cartridges.

Car Adapter
For gamers on the go, POWER A's Car Adapter will keep the system charged and ready for marathon gaming sessions.


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

I want a belt pouch. With a factory sewn belt loop if this thing is going to become my primary MP3 player. As for headphones, I'll just use my PSP buds, it seems all third party buds suck or have a cord long enough to strangle a bus full of small children with.