DS Homebrewing Still Going Strong with Portal Adaptation

The DS still is home to a robust homebrew scene, as we see here in this Portal port that modder Smealum has been working on for about the past six months. "Still nowhere near playable," he writes under the latest video, but it's brought along Portal staples like turrets, cubes, switches and energy balls.


"This is still extremely early footage so please don't be too harsh," smealum writes. "Lots of debug features are present, including the ability to fly, see portals through walls and move cubes from a distance. Also, keep in mind this was shot in an emulator which provides good but still less than perfect rendering. As such, be aware that most (not all, but still) of the graphical glitches you can see in this video don't happen on hardware (mostly the portal transition is a lot nicer on an actual DS)."

YouTube video uploaded by smealum

Random Time! - How about a homebrew version of Portal for the DS? [GoNintendo]

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Why won't devs put games like this on the handhelds officially? Why do western studios thumb their noses at the 3DS and Vita so much (yet leap at the chance to support the damn iphone)? Even if guys like Valve are too busy for it personally, that's what OTHER studios are for. I bet High Voltage could make a KILLER Portal game with their Quantum 3 engine (the Nintendo-specific GDK that powers that Conduit 2) if Valve wanted to oversee it. Or Renegade Kid, the guys who did Moon and Dementium for DS. And dammit, I would love to play Portal on the toilet! I mean bus.... yes... the Bus :)

Dishonored too. Zenimax, find someone to make a 3DS version of Dishonored. Both Portal and Dishonored are more deliberately paced shooters, so they're not reliant on twitch action. Which means the reliance on touch screen for aiming wouldn't suck as bad as any of the FPS on the DS. Heck, maybe they'd even find a way to avoid the touch screen for looking altogether if someone gave 'em the chance. Maybe they'd go back to moving with the face buttons/looking with the control stick. Or using the gyroscope along with an "aiming trigger", sort of like the R button in Goldeneye.

Seeing this just makes me want to see a shooter on 3DS, dangit.