Dropping F-Bombs, Chinese College Student Style

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Sometimes words don't translate. Sometimes they're not used correctly. And then other times, they are dead on.

A group of students from Jinan University, one of China's oldest universities, posed under the school's arch. Some held their degrees. Others held stuffed animals. One group had a sign regarding one class, which read, "You Fucked My Youth."

"Fuck", of course, is a famous (infamous?) word in Asia; however, not everyone knows what it means—not everyone reads English! So some people could pass by this sign and not know it had profanity. These students, however? No doubt, they knew.

Each of the students held a piece of paper with their wishes written in Chinese—wishes that range from a rich wife to *coughs* rape.

The picture is making its way around Chinese cyberspace and causing a bit of a ruckus with professors from different universities chiming in about the times they've visited Jinan and what they thought of the students.

"If the students have the courage to take such an edgy picture, they probably have the ability to endure a variety of criticism," said one professor. Sounds like he knows what he's fucking talking about.


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