Droplitz Price Drops

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Blitz Arcade is pricing their downloadable puzzle game Droplitz to move, with both the Steam and iPhone versions of the engaging title now available ridiculously cheap.

I reviewed the Xbox Live Arcade version of Droplitz, finding it a rather addictively little puzzle game that quickly invades your subconscious to the point where you'll dream about it. The PC version is comparable, while the iPhone version is a bit harder to control but similarly engaging. If it sounds compelling, now would be a great time to pick it up, as the Steam version is on sale until the 28th for a mere $1.99 - 80% off the normal $9.99 price.


The iPhone version has been discounted as well in order to celebrate the release of the free trial version, making upgrading from Droplitz Lite to Droplitz proper an investment of only $.99.

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At the new price, i couldn't pass it up. I'm happy to welcome this solid puzzler into my collection... it sure as hell made the work weekend go faster. Closest thing to classic Pipe Dream I've played in years.