Drop Bombs On Your Friend's Head Using This iPhone App

What? You've never heard of Action Movie FX before? Oh man.

It's a simple iOS app. Point the camera at any flat surface, place a kitty on said flat surface, and record for about 5 seconds. Then watch the kitty explode from an EMP blast-damaged helicopter, or from missiles from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. And then feel really bad about yourself because you just made a kitty explode, you bastard.


The iPhone/iPad application that lets you make explodey home videos with impressive effects recently got an update to include special effects taken directly from the upcoming Call of Duty game. Of the four, three are currently available (one of which you have to unlock through some silly ad campaign). I made simple videos of each so you can see what they look like. Minus the kitty, because I'm not the one that's a terrible human being. Hmph.

The fourth and (as far as I know) final special effect from Black Ops II will arrive on October 29th, in tandem with the release of a new live action trailer.

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