Drool Pillow Awaits!!

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: PAX Road Trip: The Washington Edition Broke some big news today. Very, very exhausting day. Got that Square Enix Tecmo takeover new up hours before even the big Japanese sites did. Love breaking news, love it. Gets me out of bed in the morning — well, that and posting weird shit. Co-existence! Co-existence! Co-existence!! Very exhausted. Going to pass out in a puddle of drool. Enjoy your day and the mental imagery. :) What you missed last night Square Enix Plans To Take Over Tecmo [Updated] Square Enix President Discuss "Friendly" Tecmo Takeover Walmart Suggests Cardboard Packaging, Save Games Rumor: More Info on Unannounced DS/PSP Indiana Jones Game Sony Boss: Wii Took Our Market, But It's OK Microsoft Confirms Corrinne Yu Hire, Internal Halo Team Expansion Here's Your LittleBigPlanet Box Art, Americans The King of Fighters XII Playable Next Month!


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