Drool over Bastion, a 21st-Century Throwback to the Glory of the Super Nintendo

Bastion is a brand-new game out on Xbox Live Arcade this week. I've been playing it in advance of release for a few days and have been loving it. I'm pretty sure it's very good, but I'm also pretty sure that this is the kind of game people like me who grew up playing the Super Nintendo are pre-disposed to like.


It's as if polygonal games never happened, man! We've woken up into a future that skipped 3D. I'm happy with that.

Check out the video here and see if you will be too. Bastion sells for 1200 Microsoft points, aka $15. (This video is captured from my copy of Bastion. It shows how the game plays, how it's structured and spoils only a tiny bit of the upgrades I've earned after several hours of play.)


Will wait exactly one month and if it isn't on the PSN by then I'm plugging in the 360.