DriveClub Is 30FPS For The Same Reason Other Games Are, Director Says

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Evolution Studios' PS4-exclusive DriveClub will run at 1080p and a regular-ass 30 frames per second. We've known this for a long time, but people keep asking them about it. So here's another explanation for why it's 30 instead of 60.

It all comes down to, of course, prettiness. It always does, every time. But anyway here's the quotes.

"It's a balance, because you can only do so much on any platform," game director Paul Rustchynsky told Edge. "PS4 has been fantastic to work with and we've done a good job of pushing it. It's always a tradeoff, ultimately, and I think we've made the right choices to make the best driving game we could have made.


"I suspect a lot of people think we may have compromised the gameplay experience by choosing 30fps, but we've spent a huge amount of time minimising the latency between the pad and what happens inside the game so you never feel disconnected."

I for one think they should bring it all the way down to 24 for that authentic film look and also so they can really ramp up the tessellation. Because if I sit down with DriveClub and the in-game steering wheel is not perfectly round I will yell loudly about it on the internet. That's really all I care about in games: round objects should be perfectly round.

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Can't wait to see people bitch about this.... "It's a racing game it should be 60fps at least", "No 60 no buy" "Do you really want a hippopotamus for Christmas?"