Dream C Club from Japanese publisher D3 is set in a hostess bar. The Xbox 360 title lets players spend weekends getting wrecked with the saucy cabaret ladies that work at the club.

In Dream C Club, players go to a hostess bar for a year, working odd jobs during the weekdays to save money to spend on your nightlife.

The game features a drinking system called "IIS," which has players control their drinking using the Xbox 360 controller's analog stick and try to get the hostess shitfaced so she'll talk about personal things she normally wouldn't. "IIS" stands for "Interactive Inshu System" with "inshu" being Japanese for "drinking alcohol."

The system for talking with the hostess is called "ETS" (Emotional Talk System) and gives players three response choices using the X, A, and B buttons on the Xbox 360 controllers.

It's also possible to have girls get on stage and sing karaoke for players. There are cosplay options, too.


Seventy percent of Dream C Club's development has been completed, and the game is slated for a summer 2009 release. This is the second recent recent title to offer the hostess bar experience. The first is PS3 exclusive Ryu Ga Gotoku 3, which features Koakuma Ageha model Rina Sakurai who was interviewed for Arcade Mania.



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