Still don't know what to dress up your littlest spawn as this Halloween? Want to impress the other mommies at BlizzCon? How about a setting them off on the wrong foot by starting their World of Warcraft cosplay habit early โ€” really early โ€” with this handmade Baby Murloc costume? This apparent one of a kind beastly get up is going for a song on eBay right now, with less than a day left. According to the seller, the Baby Murloc outfit comes with a "zippered front, snapped leg opening, hooded top, and reinforced spikes" as well as hands and feet. Pictures are limited, but from what we've seen it looks razor sharp (in a design way, not a baby hurting way) and should probably be going for much, much more. We don't think Child Protection Services will say word one about it, either. Baby Murloc Halloween costume World of Warcraft [eBay via Wonderland]