Dress Up Your Wiimotes With New Super Mario Bros Wii Bundle

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We've seen a Black Friday deal or two about Wiis being bundled with New Super Mario Bros. But this is the first I've seen of a New Super Mario Bros. bundle with Wiimote static clings.


The $69.99 spotted on Amazon.com comes with four Mario static clings, a large t-shirt and a plastic lunchbox. Oh, and the game — it comes with that, too.


Sadly, the t-shirt is a men's large size, so I'm going to have to pass because the last thing I need is another gamer t-shirt that I can't wear to anything but bed. I'll keep an eye out for the static clings on eBay, though — anything to disguise the discoloration my Wiimotes suffer from having a close proximity to Cheetos.

New Super Mario Bros

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Funny. I don't recall being proud of my lunchboxes as a kid. Trapper Keepers for sure: major status symbol, but lunchboxes just kind of passed me by, or I them.

But this here... It's never too late. I jumped on it when I saw it on Sunday. And just to keep things in perspective, I own no video game t-shirts and have spent the extra $$ on only one other LE bundle in my life with MW2.

I figured the static clings to be throw-away items... I guess not!