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In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter EcksJay22 envisions a console that will run any game he purchases, sold by merit of hardware features rather than exclusive game content.


As far as I know, video-game consoles are the only product of their kind that lack any type of software intercompatibility. This, in my opinion, sucks. I pray for a day in which systems have games that are all intercompatible, like DVD's or Blu-Rays. I feel like I should have a choice in console that is not limited by the games I could play, but rather by the unique properties that each could offer. I also feel that my 60 dollars should allow me to put a game into any console I damn well please and play it. As console exclusives become less financially feasible anyway, I see less and less reason this doesn't happen. I know it won't, but I don't know why it shouldn't. Console makers could still produce consoles with unique feature sets and even unique peripherals like Kinect and Move. I feel like it would benefit game publishers and developers without really hurting console makers. Thoughts?

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