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ToeJam & Earl 3 was once in development for, among other consoles, the Sega Dreamcast. Thanks to that console's demise it was never released, the code eventually finding its way - like so many other Sega series - to Microsoft's Xbox. That game was awful, but if you ever wanted a taste of what the more Segaish original might have been like, a previously unseen beta has now been released into the wild.


Assembler user ZakhooiTM got hold of the project when he purchased an old Dreamcast dev kit on eBay, the unfinished game still sitting there on the console's HDD. Having asked the game's creators Greg Johnson and Mark Voorsanger if it was cool to release the code, he was told that while they couldn't give their full blessing (as Sega still owned some aspects of the game), they wouldn't sue him so long as he didn't sell it.

So up it goes, free for download if you've got the means to actually play it (suffice to say if you need to look this up the answer is probably "no").

ZakhooiTM says that the Dreamcast version is more like the original Genesis games, with the game taking place on a large hub world (and also not having any bosses).

Release- ToeJam & Earl 3 Dreamcast Beta [Assembler, via NeoGAF]

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