Retire that poor, battered Dreamcast desperately clinging to life in your entertainment center with a shiny new one from ThinkGeek, where they're offering the console new in box for $99.

I don't know where they got them, or how many they have. I just know that geek superstore is now selling new Dreamcast consoles complete in their boxes for $99. I also know that I am desperately trying to keep myself from purchasing one, so if you all could help them sell out before I am tempted to replace the one I already have, that would be great. *hits checkout* Too late.

The price might be a bit higher than you can find elsewhere, but 2-day shipping is less than $10, so it balances out a bit.

And if older consoles aren't your thing, be sure to check out the USB Nintendo Entertainment System controller they've got in stock, offering all the joy of an NES controller with the convenience of USB.


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