DreamBox Succeeds At Tricking Kids Into Learning Math

Seven months ago, DreamBox Learning launched its math-based edutainment site for kids between kindergarten and second grade. Today, it's making virtual headlines with success stories.


The Wall Street Journal reports that DreamBox — along with other web-based learning game sites like SmartyCard, Brightstorm and Grockit — is closing the gap between between a child's expected math performance and actual math performance. It's also dragging the outdated edutainment games of yesteryear into the MySpace-oriented generation with it's big, bright fairies and ominous improper fractions.

The Journal writes:

The online educational industry has been getting a big boost from venture capital firms. Last year, about $1 billion was invested in learning technology companies, according to Ambient Insight, a market research firm focusing on education and technology. That's up from $850.6 million invested in 2007.

Jeez, soon kids won't even have to go to school anymore. And what gives with the 6-year-old not being assigned homework? If I had to go to school, why couldn't I have gone to a school like that?

Pursuing an Academic Edge at Home [Wall Street Journal]

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