Drawing Breasts Isn't Easy

Properly rendering breasts for a video game is a difficult task, but then so is simply drawing them. Luckily, as this short from animator Dylan Simpson demonstrates, an easily accessible reference point is just a click away.

When I was a teenager I was really into drawing—I wanted to be a comic book artist—but my weak point was the female form. I could do hips. I could do butts. I was once complemented by a prominent comic artist on my depiction of the female underarm. But breasts? Breasts eluded me. The closest I came to perfecting them was in a class featuring a live nude female model, but even then the pastel-sketched results wound up humorously unbalanced.

So I feel for the young artist in the video below. I really do.

Sadly we had no Smoogle image search back in my day, and I doubt it would have helped. My solution was to never draw female figures again. Eventually I gave up on humans altogether and just drew robot wolves. It was the late ‘80s. Robot wolves were cool.


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