Drampa Will Burn Your House Down

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Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Drampa!


Drampa Details

Type: Normal/Dragon

Average Height: 9' 10"

Average Weight: 407.9 lbs.

First Added In Generation VII

Sometimes I spend an hour or so digging around for the next Pokemon creature to feature in these weekly posts. Then other times, the internet collectively shoves one in my face. This is why this week we are taking a look at Drampa. Because a few different folks shared this tweet with me and asked: “Is this a good candidate for Here’s Another Pokemon?” Yes. It is. You see Drampa is a nice dragon unless you hurt one of its loved ones. Then it will burn your fucking house to the ground.

This big dragon lives in the mountains far above the villages and homes of people. But it loves eating a specific type of berry and every morning it flies down to eat some. During these trips, it will often communicate with locals and other Pokemon. It especially loves kids and will often play with them, even letting kids ride on top of the dragon’s long snake-like body.

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But be careful. If you harm or harass any of these kids, Drampa will stop being a gentle giant and start being an arsonist. According to the official Pokemon: Sun & Moon website, Drampa will use its fire breath to blow up the homes of people who have hurt any of the children in Drampa’s care. Drampa doesn’t believe in spanking and will REALLY let you know.

Weirdly, Drampa’s Pokedex entry doesn’t actually talk about this destructive behavior. Instead, it only mentions how docile it is and how Drampas love berries. Which makes me wonder if Drampa has paid off the people who write these entries and wants to keep his little crimes out of the public eye.


Favorite Fan Art

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Illustration: GERPH (DeviantArt)

Ohhhh...that’s why Drampa is so chill. I get now. He just needs some more “berries.” You know, for his glaucoma.

Random Facts

  • In the anime, there is Drampa known as Grandpa Forest. It has saved the lives of some kids and is sort of like a local celebrity. I wonder how mad people would get if someone swung by and captured him?
  • According to Bulbapedia, Drampa is the only Pokemon to have the type combo of Dragon and Normal.
  • Drampa kind of sounds like grampa or grandpa. So I assume this is supposed to be an old dragon. He probably doesn’t understand what Fortnite is.

Best Comment From Last Week

The tidbit about Pachirisu tiring people out was shown in the anime where it keeps running in circles and exhausting Dawn whenever it shows up. But the better anime tidbit is that Dawn’s actually knows Super Fang, and it looks hilarious.


I love how silly those big fangs look. Reminds of when actors are forced to wear fake teeth to be an alien and it is very clear they can’t close their mouth or talk normally.


Also, big shout out to MegaBlastoise. Always dropping cool bits of knowledge and information in the comments each week. Thanks!

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I understand. You found paradise in Alola. You made a good trade, you had good battles. Officer Jenny protected you and there were island challanges. So you didn’t need a friend like me. Now you come and say “Drampa, give me justice.” But you don’t ask with respect. You don’t offer friendship. You don’t even think to call me “Godpa.” You come into my house on the day I eat my berries and you ask me to do arson - for money.