Dramatic Finish Cements Pro's Legacy As Final Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Evo Champion

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Marvel vs. Capcom has always been known for its flashy style and brutal comboing, two things that were on full display at the game’s final Evo tournament.


Prior to the grand finals, many suspected that the contest might ultimately come down to Ryan “RyanLV” Romero and Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez, and sure enough, the game’s two current dynamos ended up facing off on the main stage at Evo 2017 to settle a question that had been gaining momentum ever since RyanLV started making waves in the MvC3 scene: who was the best?

The short answer, at least according to the game’s final Evo tournament, was RyanLV.

At first it looked like his team of Morrigan, Chun-Li, and Phoenix would waltz through final judgement with relative ease. Up two games to none after devastating ChrisG with aerial combo and long range blasts from Phoenix, even the announcers thought it might be a short and quiet grand finals. But ChrisG came back with a vengeance in game three, mounting a comeback that left the two rivals even going into the fifth and final bout.


Controlling the fight with Vergil, it looked like the fighting game veteran and winner of last year’s MvC3 Evo event would make history and be the only player to win it twice. First he dispatched RyanLV’s Chun-Li, and then his Morrigan, before starting to get to work on Phoenix. But that’s when fortunes became reversed. As if the RyanLV biographers were writing the match’s script, the young pro unleashed fiery hell on ChrisG with a torrent of long range attacks that the latter tried but failed to get around.


“If things to bad and Chun-Li or Morrigan die, I always have Phoenix to steal the game for me,” RyanLV said in an interview last fall. The player has come under criticism for the strategy, with some players booing him when he picks the character at different events. Ultimately, however, Evo’s final MvC3 tournament proved him right.


With Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite just around the corner, the current iteration mastered by the likes of RyanLV, ChrisG, and others will be taken out to pasture. Fortunately for fans of the game and its competitive scene, the Evo 2017 grand finals didn’t dissappoint.

You can re-watch the entire MvC3 finals at this year’s Evo here.

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