Drake Looks Like He's About To Run A Heist In GTA V

Drake finally released his latest album last night, and fans were quick to point out something funny about the accompanying artwork: the pictures totally look like GTA loading screens.

Take the picture above, for example. Kind of similar to this GTA artwork, no?


Lets take a closer look.

Here’s Drake, scouting out his next hit.
If you didn’t know any better, this could easily be mistaken for southern California—where GTA V takes place.
Here’s Drake, conferring with his other partners in crime.
Here’s Drake’s getaway aircraft, very crucial for pulling off a successful heist.
And here’s Drake, enjoying the spoils he can now afford thanks to his heists.

Yeah, I totally see it. GTA V loading screens have a similar intense focus on their subjects, just like this Views artwork.

Naturally, some people have even started photoshopping Drake to make the GTA connection more explicit:


GTA VI taking place in Toronto confirmed.

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