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Drake Has Nothing On These Animal Crossing Raps

I never thought I'd hear a track about Animal Crossing that riffs off Drake's "Started From The Bottom," and yet here we are. This amazing, amazing thing exists. I had no idea that the main New Leaf theme worked so well for rapping!


For comparison's sake, here's the original song by Drake:


Oh, but there's more than just officialbrokenpixels's rap. Animal Crossing raps are a thing, apparently. Here's a more recent flow by BlackNerdComedy:

Illustration for article titled Drake Has Nothing On These emAnimal Crossing/em Raps

Beats & Pixels : Crossing From the Bottom (Started From the Bottom Parody) [officialbrokenpixels]


ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF RAP (Shake Them Trees) : Black Nerd Comedy [BlackNerdComedy]

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Saw 'Drake,' am resigning from Kotaku. Farewell ladies and gentlemen. It's been a blast!