This is the first footage from Zombie Studios' latest, a survival horrory-looking game called Daylight. There's not yet much to know about it, besides that it's powered by Unreal Engine 4 and its world is entirely randomly generated.


I posted a while ago about the Kickstarter-funded Delver's Drop, another procedurally generated indie title, and several commenters expressed disdain toward games whose levels aren't meticulously curated, inch-by-inch, by coffee-addled designers. That's certainly a valid viewpoint, but I think there's a case to be made for randomly generated experiences that are different every time you start up a new game, as well.


Especially when that experience is meant to scare you senseless, like Daylight clearly is. This way you'll never see the scares coming—that seems to be the idea, at least. All I know is if I tried to use my iPhone as a flashlight like that the battery would die long before I found my way out of the abandoned hospital.

Daylight is expected to be released on Steam some time this year.

Daylight – first video of Zombie Studios' URE4 game released

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