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THQ*ICE is gearing up for the North American open beta test of their first massively-multiplayer online offering, Dragonica Online, with special items and events lined up for players willing to put it through its paces.

Dragonica Online is a 3D game with 2D platforming action, strong enough for a computer but easy enough to play with a wired Xbox 360 controller, which is how I played the demo they had on hand at Comic-Con last month. It's cutesy fun with an interesting skill system, but you can find that out on August 18th, when the open beta goes live. To celebrate the launch of the beta, THQ*ICE will be giving out starter item packs to players during the first week of testing, hosting in-game events, and holding the Dragonica Online Loot Hunt, in which players hunt monsters for a chance to win both in-game and real world prizes.

"We are committed to delivering quality content to the Dragonica Online community and wanted to celebrate the Open Beta Test by rewarding our members with an opportunity to win exciting giveaways and prizes," said Aaron Dean, Marketing Manager for Dragonica Online. "The game has already received high accolades from the gaming community and the Open Beta Test will allow thousands more to enjoy its fast-paced, 3D side-scrolling action."


To participate in the beta you just need to register at, and soon you'll be smacking about adorable sharks with giant hammers.

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