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Level-5, superdevelopers of Professor Layton, White Knight Chronicles, Dark Cloud and recent Dragon Quest games, already have plenty on their plate. But CEO Akihiro Hino says the Japanese role-playing game experts have unannounced PlayStation 3 and Wii on the way.


According to a report from Japanese news outlet Dengeki by way of Andriasang, Hino said in a recent lecture that there are still unannounced games bound for the PS3 and Wii from Level-5. The developers have seen some massive success on the Nintendo DS with the Layton series, soccer RPG series Inazuma Eleven and Dragon Quest IX, but it won't ignore current-generation consoles.


Level-5 just shipped White Knight Chronicles: International Edition in North America to mixed reviews, but it already has an announced sequel coming to the PlayStation 3. It also has a few potential Wii games on the way, with Studio Ghibli's Ni no Kuni: The Another World and another Inazuma Eleven project announced.

Of course, Level-5 has plenty of history on the PlayStation platform that need revisiting, like Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy and Jeanne d'Arc. Your fondest wishes and best guesses are welcome in the comments.


Level-5 Working on New Wii and PS3 Titles [Andriasang]

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