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Dragon Quest IX Sells Less Than 100,000 (Oh Noes!)

Illustration for article titled Dragon Quest IX Sells Less Than 100,000 (Oh Noes!)

According to the Japanese sales figures released last week, DS title Dragon Quest IX sold 127,000. According to the ones released this week, it did not.


The game moved 79,000 copies — making it the first time it fell under 100,000. The game has already sold 3.7 million copies, so who cares, right? 3.7 million is plenty!

Square Enix is apparently hoping to sell 5 million, that's why. Always put your goals high, that's what I say. That way you'll never been disappointed. You know another thing I always say? Brush your teeth.


Gamasutra - News - Japanese Charts: Dragon Quest IX Sales Drop Off

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DQ/FF titles have historically been titles that sell like crazy on the first week, so this isn't too surprising. Might have been a possibility if they got 4mil copies out on the initial run, but with the way the Japanese game market is, every store would rather sell their marked down used copies of the game than brand new copies.