Dragon Quest IX Goes Budget Price In Japan

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Released in Japan on July 11, 2009, DS role playing game Dragon Quest IX went on to sell 4 million copies in its native Japan. The game is out this year in the West, but before that...


Square Enix will be releasing the game this March in Japan at a budget price.

On March 4, Square Enix is releasing a handful of DS titles for its "Ultimate Hits" line. Those games include Dragon Quest IX, Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest V and Final Fantasy IV. Each game will be priced at ¥2,940 (US$32).

Might have been a better idea to announce DQIX as a budget title after it was released abroad and after Western consumers paid full price for the game. Planning, people, planning!


Less of this, more of releasing FFV and FFVI as well as DQVI and DQVII on the DS please.