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Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy XIII Not Playable At Tokyo Game Show

Square Enix has announced its Tokyo Game Show plans. The company will be showing lots of its big titles — like Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Dragon Quest IX. But what will simply be in trailer form and what will be playable on the show floor? That, after the jump as well as the slated release info for Square Enix's big announced titles.Final Fantasy XIII, 2009 Release, Trailer Final Fantasy Versus XIII, TBA, Trailer Final Fantasy Agito XIII, TBA, Trailer Dragon Quest IX, 2008 Release, Trailer The 3rd Birthday, TBA, Trailer Chrono Trigger, 11/27/08, Trailer Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Winter 2008, Trailer, Demo Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 2009 Release, Trailer, Demo Kingdom Hearts Coded, Winter 2008, Trailer Valkyrie Profile, 10/30/08, Trailer, Demo DISSIDIA Final Fantasy, 12/18/08, Trailer, Demo The Last Remnant, 11/20/08, Undecided Star Ocean 4, Spring 2009, Undecided Infinite Undiscovery 9/11/08, Trailer Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book Winter 2008, Trailer, Demo Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon DS+, 10/30/08, Trailer, Demo Valkyrie Profile, 10/30/08, Trailer, Demo Not surprising that FFXIII won't be playable — especially with that demo packaged with Final Fantasy VI Advent Children Complete. Though, it is rather peculiar that Dragon Quest IX won't be playable. That game is on track for 2008 (which might mean fiscal 2008, meaning next Spring), but one would think that Square Enix would have more than a trailer for it. Perhaps that will change closer to the actual show... Square Enix TGS [Official Site]


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I'm curious as to whether FFXIII will be worth the wait. My favorite one is FFX, and my favorite RPG is Chrono Cross...they didn't have nearly the budget (especially CC) but the teams had the visions, and they saw them through. Anymore I feel as if Square is just trying to wow us with technical marvels. I know that sells in Japan, but I have not been impressed by what I've seen so far. It looks too sci-fi, they have a female version of Cloud who was himself a lame character...and there's no story that I can see to get me really interested in it.

I look forward to their efforts to please.