This is "Bird Studio." It's where Akira Toriyama churns out new Dragon Ball, and boy, is it orange.

Recently online in Japan, photos of Toriyama's home studio have been posted on 2ch, the country's biggest internet forum. This isn't the first time as photos have been floating around for a while now. This is a landmark among hardcore Dragon Ball fans.

[Photo: Golf91]


[Photo: Hayabusa]

Keep in mind that the studio has a sign stating that Toriyama isn't available to sign autographs and the like if you ring the doorbell. The man has to work. That, however, hasn't stopped numerous fans from making the pilgrimage. As one fan who visited and took loads of photos of the house with a VW Golf said, "For those who visit, just try not to disturb Toriyama."


Many people online thought the studio looked like a Japanese pre-school. It's very orange, which is a nice way for the studio to stand out among bland surrounding structures and pay tribute to Dragon Ball. No doubt the franchise paid for that house several times over!


[Photo: Gaockk]

鳥山明のスタジオ(BIRD STUDIO)凄すぎワロタwwwwwwwwwwwww [2ch]


Top photo: shinのブログ

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