Dragon Ball Burgers Exist In Japan

[Image: Emosehi]
[Image: Emosehi]

Sometimes it seems like Japan has a hamburger for everything. So it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that there’s a Dragon Ball one.

You notice that this “burger” doesn’t come with a beef patty, but rather, chicken. In Japanese, nearly anything served on buns is a “burger” (バーガー or baagaa). Sandwiches (サンド or sando) are typically serviced on sliced bread. 


There have been several Dragon Ball burgers available this year, including at a Weekly Jump art exhibit this summer.


As Redditor The_Good_Human points out, you can order a Dragon Ball Z burger at J-World in Tokyo. 

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Hold up!! I see other anime burgers on the poster behind the Dragon Ball burger there!

I see a Kinnikuman burger, Captain Tsubasa burger, Hokuto no Ken burger, Saint Seiya burger, and an obscured City Hunter burger.

Why is the City Hunter burger obscured?!?! Is it because it is shaped like Ryo Saeba’s most famous trait? O.o