Dragon Age "Ultimate Collector's Edition" Features Night-Vision Sausage

This unboxing spoof of the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition foofaraw shows you what you get if you pony up for Dragon Age's "ultimate collector's edition." Like both the PC and 360 versions. And sausage.


Specifically, it's "from dwarven butcher shops." Makes sense, don't dwarves have infravision? I guess that's why one bite bathes the room in that pale Paris Hilton-sextape nightvision glow.


BioWare's Dragon Age Twitter feed touted this video on Friday, but by no means is it official. Which kind of sucks, because I love sausage, and pretty much any game goes better with a hunk of savory meat.

Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Collector's Edition [YouTube, thanks gill bates]

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Did BioWare just troll the gaming community?

On a semi-unrelated note, what's with this game and Marilyn Manson? I'm actually a fan of the music ("Tool! Shitty taste! Are you retarded?" Please spare me, I know already.) and I love BioWare games, but . . . they just . . . don't . . . mix. Something seems inherently wrong when you hear that music set to a medieval RPG. Kinda like an Uwe Boll movie (By no means suggesting that this game will be as bad as such. Just that the combo feels wrong!).