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Electronic Arts wants to ensure that you buy BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins new, not used, by offering a pre-order incentive program that throws in two pieces of downloadable content. EA's even priced that downloadable content for the latecomers.


The first piece is "The Stone Prisoner" download pack, a pre-order incentive that grants players access to Shale, a "mighty stone golem who can become one of the most powerful party members in the game" and new environments and items. Don't pre-order or buy new? It'll cost you $15.

The other is the Blood Dragon Armor, an "exclusive set of themed armor" that can be worn in Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. Finally, there's the Memory Band, an in-game item that grants "+1% to all gained Experience Points and which adds one bonus point that players can use to boost their character's skill set."

EA really, really doesn't want you to buy this used.

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