Dragon Age Origins is, Apparently, the 'New Shit'

BioWare's official Dragon Age twitter announced this new trailer - "Violence" - which sets all sorts of slashing and steeling and sexing to the sonorous crooning of Marilyn Manson's "This is the New Shit."


Doesn't look like much, if any gameplay in the trailer - and the dialogue doesn't seem matched in the closeups. BioWare's tweet also pointed to the vid hosted on GameDibs youtube account. Given all that, plus the usage of Marilyn Manson (was he paid?), if BioWare itself didn't tout it, I'd almost be suspicious this was fan-made. Very well made, sure. But curious.

Dragon Age Origins "Violence" Trailer [Gamedibs, thanks Trev]

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THIS ist NOT Dragon Age!

thats some generic Buttonmashing Actiongame comming soon to your favorite console...

i call that an PR epic fail.