Dragon Age: Keep Has 300 Different Choices

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If you include all of the race and gender choices for your protagonists as well as all the decisions you can have them make, then there are 300 different options. Most of them are pretty minor, but it leads to more than 1,427,247,692,705,959,881,058,285,969,449,495,136,382,746,624 different possible world states for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Damn.


If you're interested in a rundown of every single choice you can make, PC Gamer's got a great guide for it here.

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I understand why they needed the Keep since they expect most of the console players to have upgraded but I still think its a poor replacement for save game importing, especially if you're still playing on the same platform. It just feels a step removed from actually continuing your game and more like continuing from a vague recollection of your game.

I find it funny how the FAQ for the Keep says that while you can make any choices you want, you'll probably want at least one world state to match up exactly with your playthrough, because all of us totally remember every choice we made in a game we probably haven't played for years. There's also the fact that the Keep doesn't really cover a lot of the dlc. Awakening and Witch Hunt are covered for Origins and Legacy for DA2 but there's at least Leliana's Song for Origins and Mark of the Assassin that aren't reflected at all in the Keep. It could be possible that there just isn't anything in those two that really affects anything but I would like to think that whether I was a total dick to Tallis for lying to me, constantly flirting with her, or just beeing a stand-up guy would be reflected somehow should she reappear.