Dragon Age: Inquisition Lets You Choose Your Hero's Race

Illustration for article titled emDragon Age: Inquisition/em Lets You Choose Your Heros Race

If you miss dwarfing or elfing it up in Dragon Age, the next one is all for you.

Playable races were an integral part of the first Dragon Age, but Dragon Age 2 ditched non-humans in favor of dude/dudette hero Hawke, a choice that series fans questioned (among many other choices in DA2).

Dragon Age: Inquisition, out next fall for PC, Xbox One, PS4, 360, and PS3, will return to tradition. Your hero, the person in charge of the eponymous Inquisition (an ancient organization that has been resuscitated to fight off menacing demons), can be human, dwarf, elf, and possibly a fourth, if the folks at BioWare decide to add qunari.

And yes, BioWare assures us that NPCs will treat you differently based on your race, like they did in Origins.


You can read more about those details in the cover story of this month's Game Informer, which is dedicated to the third Dragon Age. There are some party details (the dwarf Varric is playable, as is Cassandra, who interrogated him last game—but no playable Morrigan); some world details (closer to Skyrim than Dragon Age 2); and other interesting tidbits. It's sounding pretty neat so far.

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Oh good, so we get another generic, bland hero with no character development. Yawn. I'll trade some design choice for an actual, y'know, character, any day of the week.