Dragon Age II's New DLC Stars Felicia Day. In the Actual Game.

Illustration for article titled emDragon Age IIs/em New DLC Stars Felicia Day. In the Actual Game.

On October 11, BioWare will release new DLC for Dragon Age II called Mark of the Assassin, which is interesting in that it features the talents (and face) of The Guild star Felicia Day.


Tying into the live-action series Redemption, you can see the DLC's trailer - and Day's slightly terrifying in-game face - below.


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I know I'm gonna sound like a big dick who shouldn't be criticizing other people's looks because that's just not nice but...

I don't really see the appeal of Felicia Day, at least not in her looks. I dunno, she actually looks kinda weird to me. I'll give it to her though, her acting isn't bad.

Alright shoot me! Burn me at the stake! *runs*