Dragon Age II Debut Trailer Looks Slick, Pre-Rendered

No, Dragon Age 2 won't look this good, but the Dragon Age 2 trailer that just debuted in Germany should give you a sense of the action they're going for. The game will be out in late March on March 8.

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I'm kind of glad they're turning Dragon Age into Mass Effect.

Dragon Age had some serious split personality on deciding whether it wanted to be Neverwinter Nights or something friendlier to newcomers.

They tried to go both roads and gave us this seriously dumbed down WoW-esque hybrid. Bitch be trippin' if you think the PnP fans of old wanted that.

Where were crunchy numbers? The customization? The frivolous spells? The Super-Mega-Robust-Better-Than-Anything-Before-It-Oh-My-God-Oblivion-Looks-Like-Fisher-Price Toolset? The multiplayer?

Best to stick with something that won't have EA breathing down your neck to make sure you're mainstreaming it up enough for consumption by the teething babies of gaming.

You'll have a better product for it.