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Dragon Age II Conspicuously Bereft of Demonic Breasts

Illustration for article titled Dragon Age II Conspicuously Bereft of Demonic Breasts

It's with a heavy heart that I retire our "Demon Tits" tag. Introduced with Dragon Age: Origins, it seems to be not applicable to Dragon Age II. But it does have blowjobs, according to its ESRB listing.


"In one cutscene, a woman kneels in front of a male character and appears to perform fellatio," says the ESRB. "There is no depiction of the sex act; the camera pans out to the rest of the room."

Chickens. Mafia II at least gave a close-up of the recipient's face.

Other in-game details given up by the ESRB:

• In one cutscene, a man's severed head is held up then tossed to the ground.

• During the course of the game, characters sometimes engage in sexual dialogue (e.g., "Why is it always about sex with you?" and "Sailing is like sex. Do it wrong, and it'll make you sick.").

• Players can also initiate brief cutscene sequences in which couples (male-female or same-sex) are shown kissing and embracing one another in a bedroom as the screen fades to black.

• The words "shit" "ass" and "bastard," although said in middle-earth-esque English accents, they come off a lot more sophisticated. (In Dragon Age: Origins, the words cited were "shit," "ass" and "bitch." So score one for gender equality.)


No Demon Tits, though. Dragon Age: Origins featured no human nudity, but "one female demon character is briefly depicted with bare breasts." Apparently we don't even get that in the sequel. Alas.

Dragon Age: Origins [ESRB]

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Really, it seems as if the sex angle is just to help boost hype and make it popular with 12 year olds.

There's tasteful sexuality, and then there's getting a BJ from that elven wizard you've wanted to bang since she joined your party. One is subtle and delicate, and doesn't actually require sex and the other one is a quicky with a hobbit behind the apothecary.

No, it does't make the character's feel more alive, at least not in any of the games I've played that have had sex as an option (ie ME, ME2, Fable1-3 est) it's always a shallow sexual encounter with minimal emotional investment.

No, I'm not opposed to sex in games or what not, I'm opposed to it being a gimmick in games, yes a gimmick. These aren't dating sims and despite even Bioware's amazing writing, not one of the "relationships" in their games have felt real. They don't even resemble two people in a hopeless situation reaching out to each other, it's just sex. And that's the problem I have, when it's JUST sex, it's there for the sake of having it there then, after the fact, they try to make it seem more engaging or what have you.

I know it's a mature game, mature games don't need sex anymore than a kid's game needs a talking cat. If you're mature enough to play a game with sex, you're mature enough to play a game and not complain when there isn't sex. Likewise, you should be mature enough to criticize a game or movie when it uses a sexual encounter that seems out of place or with out merit other than to insert some sex.

In all honesty, though, I am looking forward to the game, it's just I'm getting sick of all these shallow sexual encounters in these games. Make them more meaningful and attach some emotions to them or leave them out. Make the relationship more involved than just agreeing with the character in every dialog to build up the sex-o-meter. I'm not saying make it like some Japanese dating sim, but make it with more depth. A mature gamers, we deserve better.