Dragon Age Begins In 2009, Saboteur Slips

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Dragon Age, the winner of multiple "Best of E3 2004" awards will indeed be shipping in the first quarter of 2009, according to Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello. BioWare's role-playing game was loosely dated by the EA boss at the William Blair & Company Growth Stock Conference yesterday, backing up the previously hinted at release window.

Riccitiello also pegged Pandemic's World War II action game Saboteur for a pre-April 1 release, according to a report from GameSpot, missing its planned 2008 release. That's a huge blow to fans of shooting Nazis, but we hear that the Nazi shooting still needs more polish. You can't rush this stuff, folks.


Saboteur, Dragon Age slated for Q1 '09 [GameSpot]

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Uh, so I'm guessing this brand new MacBook Pro I bought isn't going to be running the game very well.

Also, am I the only one that thinks that, while Bioware produces some of the most awesome RPGs, they don't move very well? The graphics are always decent or awesome, but ever since they moved to polygons for their games, the animation has been rather stiff in each of their games. :/

Also part 2: Also's revenge,

Someone should totally get working on a Firefly total conversion for Mass Effect. Crew with plenty of personality flying around on a space-ship, shooting guns and selling stuff. Plus one of them might have psychic powers. Someone clever get on it now!