Dragalia Lost, the mobile RPG Nintendo is working on with Cygames, will be out on September 27 in Japan and the USA.


Here’s a 13-minute Nintendo Direct if you missed it/can stand to hear the words HUMANS AND DRAGONS said excitedly over and over until both words lose all meaning.

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When Mario came out on phones, there were lots of people who hated the idea of paying $10 for a mobile game. Being someone who doesn’t play games on their phones at all, I ignored it.

I then got a gift card for my bday and thought “ehh why not?”. I played a total of 15hrs which sounds good for something I spend $10 on.

FEH though, I will never spend money on. Yet this is the game people spend money on. $10 for a full game? No thanks, but paying $10+ for a ‘chance’ to unlock your fav character? Yes please.

Its obvious why Nintendo partnered with cygames and following this model.