Illustration for article titled Dr. Stephen T. Colbert Prescribes New Tan Theft Auto To Kids

Doctor of the fine arts and television personality Stephen T. Colbert, DFA has the cure for what ails our vitamin D deficient youth—video games!!

During last night's "Cheating Death" segment, Colbert busted out a new piece of tech, Prescott Pharmaceuticals' Vaxbox, a revolutionary console that not only plays games, it gives kids a healthy orange glow while playing them. The entirety of The Colbert Report's health-centric feature is after this, including first footage of Tan Theft Auto in blinding action.


Man, how about that science, eh? What can't it do?!

If you'd like to skip to the Vaxbox stuff, head over to Hulu. If you can't see the video, simply move to another country. (Or head to Colbert Nation or Comedy Central.)

The Colbert Report: Cheating Death - Blue M&M's, Vitamin D & Hormones [Hulu - thanks, Drew!]

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