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I don't completely disagree with everything Dr. Phil says for once. Confronting a Farmville-obsessed mom in danger of neglecting her kids, he said, "You have a ridiculous addiction to a ridiculous computer game." He got that last part right.


The mom, named Teresa, evidently unplugged her home's wireless router to boot everyone from the family computer, then sneaked back online to tend her virtual crops. Bad mom! Bad mom! Dr. Phil held that factoid under her nose for a little bit, and Teresa tried to pin the extreme measures on her daughter's "attitude" when she's asked to get off the computer.

"No, it's not," Dr. Phil fired back. "You unplugged it because you have a ridiculous addiction to a ridiculous computer game that's interfering with your ability to be a mother. You needed a fix, and she wouldn't get off, so you had to create the opportunity."


Dr. Phil, who's taken on gaming addiction before, prescribed her a dose of "start a garden for real." Sounds like good medicine to me.

Dr. Phil Diagnoses Farmville Addiction [MTV Multiplayer]

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